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From French Dietitian Jean-Philippe Ricau, author of  "Healthy Recipes for Women in Heels and Men in Ties"

Lose weight without dieting

The new nutrition guide

Losing weight and keeping it off seems like an eternal struggle, until now.....

Book Lose Weight Without Dieting

Do you want to know why 95% of diets fail people?


  • How not to fall for diet marketing tricks

  • How to eat right and live longer

  • 15 helpful tips to lose weight and keep it off

  • Bonus: One-week meal plan with almost no industrial products

Over 20 years experience in this book

The brilliance of this book lies in the clear and simple way that Ricau lays it out for you.

He corrects popular misconceptions about weight loss – like the belief that exercising by itself is enough to lose weight, or the effectiveness of fad diets – through his thoughtful tips gleaned from 20 years as a registered dietician. For example, did you know that you don't have to eat less in order to lose weight?

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