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Article Warning: Your deodorant may cause you breast cancer.

Experiments on mice show that deodorants containing aluminum salts cause tumors in guinea pigs. Two Swiss researchers are calling for the precautionary principle to be used by avoiding the use of these products.

This concerns products which have a high concentration of aluminum salts. A recent study shows very alarming results. But European regulation seems very lax. Practical, cheap and loyal ally after a hectic day or a particular sports session, the deodorant brings a fresh wind that saves the bet of many of us. Two Swiss scientists have just published the results of a study in the "International Journal of Cancer" and recommend to everyone to limit as much as possible the spray products containing aluminum. This time, they pose a vital risk, especially for women. 80% of tumors are formed in the armpit. The debate over cancers caused by aluminum is not clear. That is why, Professor André-Pascal Sappino wanted to push the investigation a little further. This oncologist is interested in the involvement of aluminum in the formation of tumors. For him, the direct toxicity of aluminum is no longer in doubt, despite the skepticism of the health authorities. His studies began in 2009. His interest in breast cancer has increased at the same rate as the number of cases detected in the past fifty years in relatively young women. His first remark is without appeal: "80% tumors now appear in the outer top dial". In simpler terms, it is the part of the body corresponding to the hollow of the armpit. "The epidermis is extremely permeable," says the oncologist. And it is there that finds the lymphatic network that drains the mammary gland. In the work carried out with a colleague in the wake, they succeeded in finding that the samples of breast tissue contained, even in low concentrations, aluminum. A naturally occurring substance in air, water and soil, but has "nothing to do in a human body," says biologist Stefano Mandriota. However, aluminum salts are very widespread. In particular, they allow the treatment of wastewater, which explains why it is found in tap water, for example. Sulphate and aluminum chloride are also used in many cosmetics, including lipsticks, creams but also deodorants. In its last test, the Swiss duo worked on animal species. Mouse mammary cells were thus contacted in vitro with aluminum salts. Despite "1,000 to 100,000-fold lower levels than deodorant," all mice, even those with a good immune system, have developed tumors "in varying degrees but sometimes very aggressive, forming metastases" . It's hard not to raise any real concerns now. Yet Khalil Zaman, another oncologist working in Switzerland, questions the results. In the "Geneva Tribune," he simply states that "the reality of the human body is not that of the laboratory". Not enough to dismiss his two colleagues, who claim to have highlighted "the accumulation of indices for prosecution ».

If deodorants without aluminum are almost non present in supermarkets, you will be able to buy them online or in a pharmacy. The price tag attached to it is higher that the usual deodorant that contains alcohol and aluminum but your health has a cost.

Below you will find 2 deodorants that we have been trying and that you can use safely.

Source: International Journal of Cancer

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