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Travel Vietnamese food: the best food in the world?

Vietnamese cooking and its recipes? Who does not know it? Hananoan Soup, Spring Roll, Vietnamese Ravioli. It seduces everyone with its freshness, subtle aromas and delicate tastes. The Vietnamese gastronomy is often presented in the foreign media. According to The New York Times, Vietnam is even the "new culinary star of Asia », one of the top 10 cuisines in the world. Vietnam's restaurants and gastronomic festivals abroad attract more and more people, and the number of foreign tourists coming to Vietnam to learn how to cook increases. Some even come to learn how to open a Vietnamese restaurant. The Vietnamese use a lot of herbs and vegetables, which is excellent for health. These give a special flavor to the dishes. Not too spicy like Thai ones, or bold like Chinese, Vietnamese dishes are suitable for foreign customers. The sauce is also an essential factor, indispensable to dishes. There is the nuoc mam or the soy sauce, and many others. What's also interesting is to taste the dishes on the streets, they are all hot, very good and the price does not exceed three dollars. All you have to do is to sit on a small stool and order what locals order. But there are also a number of very good 'gastronomic' restaurants in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh where fine food is offered in the image of the country.

Watch the South Vietnam food video:

Breakfast usually includes Pho (beef or chicken) or sticky rice. A typical lunch is composed of 3 courses: rice-vegetables-pork or fish. Dinner is composed as lunch or as breakfast. All the dishes are brought at the same time on the table and each one serves in his small bowl. In menus, there are always meat and fish, it is the principle of Ying and Yang. Dessert is rare and dessert pastry is even rarer. End-of-meal sweets are in the form of confit seeds such as lotus seeds, white beans, corn, served with crushed ice and bathed in coconut milk. The lotus being the symbol par excellence of Buddhism. Banana, pineapple, watermelon, passion fruit, dragon fruit, jackfruit, mango, are the fruits served in dessert. Green tea is served at any time and on any occasion. The coffee served by the cup serves with an individual filter. It flows slowly and the cup is kept warm by a small bowl filled with hot water that serves as a bain-marie. Fresh fruit juices are everywhere. The beers, Bia Hanoi or Saigon Bia are the classic drinks table. 3 large cuisines characterize Vietnam: In the north: the cuisine is more salty than in the other regions with an important place given to the soups, the grills (meat of beef). Green vegetables are eaten firm, scalded and fried. The pho is the dish that best symbolizes the specialty of the northern region. In the center: the cuisine is sweet sour, and more spicy. In the south: the cuisine is sweeter than in other regions and often based on coconut milk. It is rich in mint, basil, coriander smells. The most commonly used fruits are green bananas, coconuts and carambola. One of the south vietnam specialties is the nêm and the spring roll.

Watch the North Vietnam Food video:

Featured in the video:


the Chi Boutique Hotel, near the Cathedral. It has opened recently, the staff is great, the service fantastic and it has amazing vibes. Home restaurant Hanoi

NGO dining restaurant (part of the Chi Boutique Hotel)

The Church cafe

Phu Quoc:

Phu Quoc Deli: speciality see food, located at the night market.

Ganesh Indian Restaurant

Ho Chi Minh City:

the market

Crystal Jade Kitchen

the DimSum House

Restaurants recommended in HCMC and not featured: Temple, Hoa Tuc.

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