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Cooking made easy with this great book. Interview with Jean-Philippe Ricau, French registered dietit

Healthy recipes for women in heels & men in ties

MFD: Why did you write this book? JPR: Good morning! This question brings me back to the time when I started as a dietitian and I owed the books written by other dieticians. I wanted to read about their experience and their opinions on everything related to food, in a simple and practical way (no smoky theories or draconian diet that lead nowhere). Because I think I have gained enough experience in nutrition, I thought it would be good to share my knowledge and help people live a healthier life. An healthy lifestyle does not go without cooking. And cooking your own meal is the first step towards weight loss. That’s why I have decided to start with a very simple and accessible cookbook. MFD: What is the audience you are targeting? JPR: I wrote this book for: - people who do not know how to cook or who do think that cooking healthy and appetising dishes is difficult. foodies that are looking for new recipes ideas, with different flavours. people that do not have time to cook (most of the recipes can be cooked under 20 minutes) It was so much fun to cook and write all these recipes. MFD: How is this book different from other cookbooks? JPR: I’m not claiming this is the best cookbook! If I may compare it to other books, I would say that, the recipes are simple and well detailed, that the flavours suggested are different (I love using various herbs and spices), the ingredients can be found in any grocery shop, and the design is clean. MFD: Are you planning to write more books? JPR: I got great feedbacks from readers, and I have much more to share with you. So yes, I am planning to release a new book very soon. It will be more like a nutrition guide. I want to describe the way we consume food nowadays and show how it impacts negatively our health and weight. And I want to give realistic solutions to live better.

The book "Healthy recipes for women in heels & men in ties" is available on

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