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Healthy Recipes For Women in Heels & Men in Ties (e-book)

Healthy Recipes For Women in Heels & Men in Ties (e-book)


Healthy Recipes For Women in Heels & Men in Ties: A guide to quick food with big flavour, for simple living.

There’s never been time to cook healthy food… until now.
In today’s fast-paced world, it seems like we’re juggling everything at once: work, family, and what little sleep we can manage. Unfortunately, healthy eating is a casualty of our very busy lifestyles. Instead of feeding ourselves with nutritious food, we gorge on unhealthy options like fast food and low-quality microwaved meals. As a result, our health suffers and affects everything else in our lives. We feel tired, sluggish… and empty.
But that all ends now. In Healthy Recipes for Women in Heels and Men in Ties,
French Registered Dietitian Jean-Philippe Ricau generously shares his 25+ years of experience with you. In this beautifully crafted guide, you will discover how to cook healthy and nutritious meals, most of them in less than 20 minutes! And what’s even better, you will enjoy good food that’s good for you. But don’t just ask the man himself – ask his over 20,000 satisfied clients!
So what are you waiting for? The journey to a healthier lifestyle starts today with this very book. No longer will you fill your stomach with unhealthy food just to save a few minutes.
Now you can enjoy the most nutritious food in the least amount of time. Finally, time – and health – is on your side.
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