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Get expert advice on nutrition, diet, and healthy eating from My French Dietitian. Discover tips for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

My French Dietitian: Your Expert Source for Nutrition, Diet, and Food

Diets are often too restrictive and difficult to follow in the long term. As a result, people end up giving up and gaining weight back.

Jean-Philippe Ricau - Registered Dietitian

Learn to eat healthy with balanced diet tips from My French Dietitian.

At My French Dietitian, we're dedicated to providing you with accurate, science-backed nutrition information and healthy eating tips for your health and well-being.
All our articles are written or reviewed by a registered dietitian with 25+ years of professional experience.

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Latest Articles About Nutrition

Lose weight sustainably, without restrictive diets.

Embrace the fun in your diet, with a stress free approach to eating, personalized meal plans, dietitian programs and support.

Eat better, not less! Benefit from 25 years experience in empowering individuals to lead healthier lives through transformative wellness.

The nutrition book Lose Weight Without Dieting: The Book

Healthy Recipes

Cooking your own meal is a key element of weight management.

woman doing planks

How to melt belly fat through proven workouts & diet strategies.

The Ultimate Abdominal Fat Loss Transformation Series.

Consultation booking

Book a one-on-one video consultation with French Dietitian
Jean-Philippe Ricau 

Weekly meal plans, special dietary plans, coaching and more. Enjoy one of the best dietitian programs.

Starts from EUR 35, consultation available in Greek, French and English.

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