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Pesto Pasta and prawns flamed with Pastis Recipe

Today our guest is making a delicious recipe inspired from Italian cuisine. Prawns with pesto sauce spaghetti all flamed with Pastis or Ouzo.

To prepare this recipe we will need olive oil, garlic, red chilli pepper, basil, Italian spaghetti, prawns (4 or 5 per persons), pine nuts, Ouzo or Pastis.

To prepare the pesto sauce: blend the garlic, basil, oil, red chilli pepper and pine nuts until you get a liquid sauce.

Cook your pasta (al dente).

Heat some oil in a large pan or a wok, add your prawns. Cook them no more than 30 seconds on each side.

Add the pesto sauce.

After 40 seconds add the spaghetti to the wok and mix.

Add a shot of Pastis or Ouzo and flame immediately.

Let it heat for one minute so that the alcohol can evaporate and your dish have a delicious anise flavour.


Hope you enjoy this pesto pasta and prawns flamed with Pastis recipe!


Guest dietitian and chef of the day:

Jean-Philippe Ricau

Dietitian / Nutritionist

Tel: +357 22 51 00 93

For direct booking:

Kalamatas 12Nicosia, Cyprus


Filmed and edited by Black Carrot Production


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