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What Inter Miami Lionel Messi Eats to Stay a Champion

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Unlocking the Secrets of Messi's Diet: A Culinary Journey with the Soccer Star

Lionel Messi, 36 years old, the iconic maestro of soccer, not only dazzles us on the field but also leaves us curious about what fuels his legendary performances. With the guidance of Italian nutritionist Giuliano Poser, Messi has sculpted a diet that complements his athletic prowess and ensures he stays at the top of his game.

Let's dive into Messi's culinary choices, exploring the foods he loves, those he avoids, and the nutritional wisdom behind his dietary decisions.

Lionel Messi abs


Discover the culinary playbook of Inter Miami soccer sensation, Lionel Messi, as we unveil the secrets behind his diet that keep him at the pinnacle of his champion career.

Here is what Inter Miami Lionel Messi eats to stay a Champion at 36+ years old:

1. The Messi Diet Essentials

Messi's diet is anchored in a selection of wholesome foods that keep him in peak physical condition. His menu features an abundance of: - Olive Oil: A Mediterranean staple, olive oil provides healthy fats that support cardiovascular health and overall well-being. - Fresh Fruits and Veggies: Messi embraces the vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables, delivering essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to fuel his performance. - Water: Staying hydrated is a top priority for any athlete. Messi ensures he drinks plenty of water, vital for his endurance during intense matches. - Seeds and Nuts: These nutrient-packed powerhouses are a valuable source of energy and essential nutrients, helping Messi maintain his stamina. - Whole Grains: Opting for whole grains over refined flours, Messi harnesses the sustained energy they offer to fuel his athletic endeavors.

2. The Sweet Surrender: Avoiding Sugar and Refined Flours

Sugar and refined flours find no place in Messi's diet.

Poser, his trusted nutritionist, explains that sugar is detrimental to muscle health. Avoiding these dietary culprits helps Messi maintain his physical peak and enhance muscle recovery.

Refined flours, which are often contaminated, are also kept at bay to support Messi's overall well-being.

3. The Balanced Protein Approach

While Messi has reduced his meat consumption, he doesn't compromise on protein. To meet his daily protein needs, he turns to up to three protein shakes. These shakes provide the essential amino acids required for muscle growth and recovery, complementing his training regimen.

4. A Favorite Recipe Revealed: Roasted Chicken with Root Veggies

Messi's favorite dish, as disclosed by FC Barcelona, is roasted chicken with root vegetables.

This hearty meal combines lean protein from the chicken, complex carbohydrates from the potatoes, and a wealth of vitamins from the veggies. It's a winning recipe that helps Messi maintain his muscle tissue and overall fitness.

Lionel Messi's roasted chicken

5. Adapting to a Healthier Lifestyle

Messi's journey to a healthier lifestyle wasn't without its challenges. In his younger years, he indulged in fast food, fizzy drinks, and traditional Argentine dishes like Milanesa. However, as he matured, he recognized the need for dietary adjustments.

As he wisely put it,

"What you can put into your body at 18 or 19 years of age is not the same as what you can put in at 27."

6. A Collaborative Effort with Giuliano Poser

In 2014, Messi teamed up with Italian nutritionist Giuliano Poser to fine-tune his diet.

The core principles of Messi's diet under Poser's guidance are simple yet effective: water, olive oil, whole grains, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables. These foods form the foundation of Messi's nutrition, aiding muscle regeneration and overall performance.

7. The Sip of Choice: Yerba Maté Tea

To replace sugary beverages, Messi prefers Yerba Maté tea, a South American herbal tea known for its natural caffeine content. This choice aligns with his commitment to energy and health.

8. Maintaining Fitness Off the Field

Messi's training regimen is tailored for speed and agility, crucial for his soccer finesse.

His workouts include exercises like lunges, split squats, hurdle hops, hamstring stretches, and core-strengthening moves like sit-ups and Russian twists.

Lionel Messi core exercise

He stays dedicated to staying fit, even during challenging times, as evidenced by his home workout routine during the pandemic.

Lionel Messi doing plank

Here is how to perform Russian twists:

(Here is our article describing in details the nutrition to eliminate abdominal fat.)

9. The Art of Adapting: Balancing Diet and Lifestyle

As Messi evolved as an athlete, so did his dietary choices.

While he made significant shifts away from unhealthy snacks, pizza, and fried beef, he also recognizes the importance of balance. He occasionally allows himself to enjoy indulgences like Milanesa, showcasing the art of adapting to a healthier lifestyle while savoring life's pleasures.

Lionel Messi Milanesa dish

10. What Messi Avoids for Optimal Health

To maintain optimal health and performance, Messi steers clear of the following: - Sugar - Refined flour - Alcohol - Aerated drinks - Processed carbs - Pizza, pasta, and other junk foods - Fried foods - Artificial sweeteners and additives (Read "The truth about fruit juices".)

Now you know what Inter Miami Lionel Messi eats to stay a champion.

Messi's dietary journey offers us insights into the careful balance between nutrition and athletic excellence. As we celebrate his extraordinary soccer skills, let's also acknowledge the wisdom behind his dietary choices—a testament to how nourishing our bodies can propel us to greatness. Whether you're a soccer enthusiast or simply seeking inspiration for a healthier lifestyle, Messi's nutritional playbook provides valuable lessons in the pursuit of personal excellence.

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