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Thai food: Why Thai people are not fat. We traveled to Thailand!

Updated: Feb 20

Spicy thai schrimps

We traveled to Thailand!

For 15 days, my friends and I had the chance to visit Thailand. This holiday trip took us from the North (Chiang Mai) to the South, where we visited some paradisiacal islands, to finally end up in Bangkok, the world reference for quality street food. Although we were literally amazed by the beauty of the different landscapes, our trip quickly turned into a food experience.

Spicy Thai noodles

A Culinary Adventure in Thailand:

What do you expect when you place three food lovers (two Cypriots and one French) in a food heaven?

For 15 days, we went with the flow and ate in most of the places we found on our way, only those where locals go.

We ordered what other Thai people ordered, cooked in the same way (i.e., spicy), and we collected a series of footages displaying samples of what Thai food is.

Watch our movie:

Thai Eating Habits:

The Thai people love food; in fact, they seem to be eating all the time. Sometimes six times a day!

Thai eating habits are characterized by frequent, but smaller meals throughout the day.

Thai food: Why Thai People are not fat:

Emphasis on Fresh Ingredients

Thai people do eat mostly fresh ingredients.

Thai cuisine emphasizes fresh ingredients, with an abundance of vegetables, herbs, and spices.

From what we have seen, if it's not alive, they don't eat it!

Most of the food places have fish tanks. Live fish are displayed; you choose the one you want, and they cook it for you. Believe us, the freshness makes the taste unique.

When it comes to meat, I'm not going to say that they kill the chicken in front of you, but it's not far from being true; most probably it was killed in the morning. You can clearly taste the difference between a frozen chicken and a fresh one.

For vegetarians, Thai cuisine also consists of fresh vegetables cooked in a delicious way. Tofu is often used as a substitute for meat.

Thai people eat more frequently and in smaller quantity

Thai people do eat more often than Europeans and Americans and snack more.

They typically have a good breakfast, followed by a snack an hour and a half later.

Then comes lunch, another snack in the afternoon, a snack before dinner, then dinner.

People who eat several small meals throughout the day are less likely to overeat because they stay relatively satiated.

Thai people eat in smaller quantity

Portions are often smaller than in Western countries, and meals are commonly shared among friends and family, like Greeks do.

We never felt full after a meal. So we had to compensate with Thai beer :-)

Balanced Meat Consumption

Thai people do not eat too much meat. Meat is present in many dishes but always in small portions and mixed with vegetables, herbs, spices, sauce, and rice.

Thai people do eat fish almost every day. Fish provides omega-3.

Minimal Wheat Consumption

Thai people do eat less wheat. Eggs and rice-based noodles are very present in Thai cuisine. Some might say that eating rice makes you gain weight, but eating more rice makes you actually eat less wheat.

Thai people cooking fish on the grill

Limited Sugar Intake

Thai people do eat fewer sweets. They either drink water, tea, or beer during a meal. And desserts are occasional.

Spicy Cuisine and Slow Eating

Thai people eat spicy food. Herbs and spices help you burn calories and protect you against heart diseases. Thai people eat slowly, and eating half full is encouraged.

That is why Thai people have better digestion.

Our culinary journey through Thailand revealed the secrets behind why Thai people remain wonderfully slim despite their love for flavorful Thai food. Their mindful eating habits, focus on fresh ingredients, smaller portions, and regular snacking showcase a balanced approach to nourishment.

As we bid farewell to this enchanting land, we carry with us not only the flavors of Thailand but also the valuable lesson that enjoying Thai food, along with embracing the Thai way of life, can truly be a fulfilling and healthy adventure.

If you enjoyed "Thai food: Why Thai peopler not fat", let's travel, savor the cuisine, and take inspiration from Thai people on our own path to well-being.

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